Best Hail Damage Repair Shop in Northern Colorado

Even the most experienced of car owners can’t predict when hail will happen. Sure, you can check the morning forecast and try to plan accordingly but let’s face it, Mother Nature does what she wants, when she wants, and to what level of severity she wants. Period.

Unless you work somewhere that has covered parking or have a garage at home to park your car in, your vehicle is not safe during hail season in Greeley, CO.

In fact, Greeley is now on its second major hail storm for the 2018 season. Who’s to say it won’t happen again!

This is where the hail damage repair part of this article starts.

What To Do If Your Vehicle Is Damaged By Hail

First thing first. If you live in Colorado, you will always have a plethora of Paintless Dent Repair to choose from to restore your car to its normal state. The question is – what next? Read on.

If you want high-quality services, you must have a guideline that will lead you to the best hail damage repair shop in or around Greeley. The following suggestions are dedicated to teaching how to do just that.

What’s Your Experience?

The dent repair shop you choose should have Paintless Dent Repair technicians who are qualified to properly repair your hail damage. Believe it or not, PDR isn’t something you just wake up one day and decide to do. PDR is really more of an art form than a standard auto body shop repair.  For those Greeley paintless dent repair companies that advertise that their technicians are “certified,” this is a fictional claim. There is no official National certification that makes one technician better than the next. Some of the BEST dent removal guys learned their trade while working under a master technician, or someone who has over a decade of practical experience. Something like an apprentice.

In the aftermath of a catastrophic hail storm, it is not out of the ordinary for dent repair shops and auto body shop to bring on PDR technicians who are underqualified and with little experience.

In conclusion, ask your point of contact about their technician’s experience. Ask for references if you feel uncomfortable with their answer.

Right Equipment, Right Tools.

Just like in any other industry, having the proper equipment and technology to do the job is mandatory. This goes the same for Paintless Dent Repair. Having up-to-date and high-quality equipment, PDR tools, and technology can be the difference between a good repair and a great repair. 100% restoration is the ONLY outcome you should expect and receive. Auto Hail Repair Loveland is only about 30 minutes from Greeley. We promise you, it is worth the drive! Don’t want to drive to Loveland?

No problem. We can come to your location to inspect your vehicle for hail damage, pick-up and deliver your car to our shop for repairs, and then deliver it back to you looking like new.

You should ensure that the dent repair company you hire has the right equipment for repairing automotive. The set of equipment should be complete to help them repair effectively without making errors or skipping some procedures. The equipment should also be advanced and up-to-date. The technicians should employ new and updated technology in dealing with repairs.

Customer Service.

Finally, when you are hiring a dent repair company to fix your car – your very tippy-top first contact with the company should be stellar. If not, move on. Yes, intense but true. If you don’t get the customer service and respect you deserve at first touch, don’t expect the experience to get better. You can check online reviews at Google Business or on Social Media. The BBB is another place to check.

Myth Busters


If you made it this far, you only have one small paragraph to go!

There are many paintless dent repair shops in Northern Colorado, but very few have the expertise and experience to do the best job.  Do not haste and make an uneducated or unresearched decision. Take your time and find the Greeley hail damage repair shop that works for you!