Don’t Rearrange Your Schedule For Us

Auto Hail Repair Loveland Comes To You

We understand that auto hail repair is usually associated with words like stress, inconvenience, frustration, and worry. Our Auto Hail Repair Loveland team strives to change the way you think about hail damage repair. We hope you will leave our shop feeling relieved, stress-free, and satisfied.

Many of our customers live in cities outside of Loveland. We regularly get calls from our neighbors in Greeley, Longmont, Fort Collins, and Firestone looking for a good paintless dent repair shop but they aren’t crazy about the drive to Loveland.

Even though we are located less than 30 miles from Fort Collins and just around 35 miles to Greeley,  they still have to drive back home or to work after dropping off their vehicle. Add on the additional time spent picking up a rental and nearly half of their day is gone!

We always try to always go the extra mile for our clients. In fact, we offer pickup and delivery of your car, free of charge. You could be sitting at your home or office, while we pick-up, repair, and then deliver your vehicle. It is that easy for our customers.

We will even come to your location for your free hail damage inspection.

Free Loaner Car Delivered To Your Door

We can easily switch out your car for a rental when we come out to pick-up your vehicle for repairs. In fact, if your insurance policy doesn’t cover the cost of a rental car – we will pick up the bill for 3 days! This is typically the amount of time we will need to get you back on the road again 100% dent-free!

Hail season along the Front Range is often synonymous with stress and worry. Let us put a stop to that train of thought. We try our best to take the stress out of the equation. We will pick up and drop off your vehicle, completely free of charge.

Call us if you have specific questions, or contact us to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to taking care of you and your vehicles.

How Does Auto Hail Repair Loveland Free Pick-Up & Delivery Work?

Step 1: Help!

You think your vehicle has hail damage that needs to be checked out as soon as possible. Of course, there’s no time like the present, but your present is stuck at work. Then you remember that there’s a paintless dent repair shop – Auto Hail Repair Loveland – that comes to you, wherever you are! Simply give us a call to schedule an appointment or fill out the request form and we’ll handle the rest.

Schdule Online

Step 2: On Our Way.

Auto Hail Repair Loveland is here to revolutionize the auto dent removal industry’s standards for customer convenience and peace of mind. Remember the days before pizzas were delivered? Exactly. We want our hail repair services to fit into your schedule. You schedule the pick-up date, time, and location and one of our concierge drivers will come and pick up your vehicle while your day continues as scheduled.

Step 3: We’ve Got This.

Our concierge driver will safely drive your vehicle back to our paintless dent repair shop located in Loveland, CO.  Once there, our experienced team of paintless dent repair technicians will first inspect and estimate the cost and amount of time we will need to restore your vehicle. If you have already had your vehicle inspected by an insurance adjuster, we will make sure their estimate aligns with our findings. If any hail damage wasn’t accounted for, we will contact your insurance company and make sure you get all of the money you need to repair all of the damage. If you haven’t filed a claim yet, we can walk you through the process or we can take care of it for you! Finally, we will remove all of the hail damage from your vehicle.

Step 4: Quality Assurance.

A trip to Auto Hail Repair Loveland isn’t complete until we treat your vehicle to a complete wash and vacuum. This final step ensures your vehicle will look pristine upon pick up and allows us to check our repairs one last time. Before delivery, we triple-check our work with our comprehensive 360º quality assurance walk-around to ensure your vehicle is returned to its pre-damaged condition.

Step 5: Reliable Delivery.

Before you know it, we’ll have your car back to the parking lot or drive-way we picked it up from, hail-free and ready to go! You no longer have to try to schedule rides with friends or drop-off your car during your lunch break. With our free vehicle pickup and delivery service, auto hail repair always fits into your schedule.