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Combining state of the art technology with the experience and passion to restore your vehicle to pre-damage condition.

The Best Option For Your Vehicle

From the moment the first Hail Shop USA was created in 2016, the human touch has been vital to the company’s philosophy of unrivaled craftsmanship and talent. Which is why only highly skilled paintless dent repair technicians are involved in removing dents from our client’s cars by hand – and with only the finest and state-of-the-art paintless dent repair tools available. From accessing and removing dents amateurs would never attempt to removing and reassembling panels with utmost precision and care without ever tarnishing the paintwork that adorns the exteriors, The Hail Shop USA’s craftspeople take enormous pride in the dents they repair and the cars they restore.

Hail Repair Loveland, CO

The Best PDR Technicians In The Industry

Technician-First Approach is Key to Customer Service Success.

We strive to achieve quality and respect not only for our clients but for our technicians. Because of this, one of the many perks of working with The Hail Shop USA is our access to the best technicians in the country.

With over fifteen years of experience setting the industry standard and leading the nation in auto hail repair, our friendly staff and technicians put your needs as our highest priority. We know how valuable your time is and choosing the right company is a big decision. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Other Reasons To Choose The Hail Shop USA

Our experienced team guarantees the best work for your vehicle with the fastest turnaround time in the industry and with our zero-out-of-pocket cost deductible waiver program, we’ll have you back on the road without a dent on your vehicle or your wallet. Finally, we guarantee ALL Auto Hail Repair Loveland paintless dent repairs with a Lifetime Warranty.

Fast Auto Hail Repair Times

Fast Repair Times
Deductible Assistance

Deductible Assistance
Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

The Hail Shop USA Network

We have locations all across the United States. To find a location nearest to you, visit The Hail Shop USA.